William Charlton

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Questions of Life and Death


Pictorial Likeness


Emotional Life in Three Dimensions


The Doctrine of Creation


The Physical, the Natural and the Supernatural


This book, which is written in an informal style with dialogues, defends a primitive, unified conception of human nature and a view of the natural that can cover both the physical world of atomic particles and the psychological world of purposes and society. It traces the modern concepts of mind and body back to their origins in classical Greece. It shows how as they developed, and civilised thought became increasingly academic, the comprehensive conception of the natural was lost. And it argues that the lack of it gas become a major obstacle to understanding the traditional Judaeo-Christian conception of the supernatural.

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Storm and Death on Torday

Torday is a privately owned island off the north west of Scotland. Henry Ealingham and two friends arrive by yacht in fine summer weather and join a pleasant house party in Torday House. But the next day the island is hit by a storm that cuts it off from the mainland, and their hostess is found dead at the bottom of a waterfall. Is her death an accident, suicide or murder? And which of the persons marooned on Torday will solve the mystery?

Available from Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Storm-Death-Torday-ebook/dp/B00CU9M9AS/ref=sr_1_9?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1376143421&sr=1-9Storm and Death on Torday

Canapes for the Daughter of Chaos: Now for sale


More macabre stories from the author of Undesirable Guests.

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